Petones Involvement

The Rotary Club of Petone supports many projects locally, nationally and internationally and each of these projects has a "champion" within the club.

We invite anyone with the desire, skills or the connections who may be interested in helping with these projects, to contact us.  

Polio Eradication

Yope Bon, seen here being awarded a Paul Harris Fellow  – the Rotary movement’s highest honour – from President (2009-2011) Pam Hanna, has been a member of Petone Rotary for 50 of the 60 years it has been in existence.

He is currently the longest serving member of the club and has raised money for Rotary causes such as Polio Plus, being responsible for the Polio Bridge at the Petone Rotary Fair for several years.

In 1985 polio paralysed more than 350,000 children in 125 countries every year. Today, through the money donated and volunteer hours to immunise more than 2 billion children in 122 countries, the world stands on the threashold of eradicating the disease.

Contact Yope for more information or to learn how you can help. 

International Student Exchange

Alan Stevens has in past years looked after the welfare and well-being of students coming to New Zealand (Petone) or leaving to travel and stay overseas. 

Many extraordinary and gifted individuals have taken advantage of the program which gives thousands of young people the opportunity to meet people from other lands and experience their culture.

It is not only lifetime friendships between student, hosts and clubs that are formed but these young men and women begin to realise their potential as Rotarians and leaders in their communities.

Contact Alan for more details. 





More to come: