Petone Community Patrol

The Petone Community Patrol began in 2011 when Petone Rotary responded to a request from the local Police and a group of volunteers to help set up the patrol.

The Community Patrol are the "eyes-and-ears" for the Police and at no point are expected to engage criminals or people in the act of vandalising or stealing property. They patrol the Petone area from Seaview / Gracefield across the valley floor and up into the Western Hills - Korokoro through to Normandale.













The picture above shows Community Constable Dave Tweedale and Community Patrol Founding Members, Richard and Sophie Jackson, accepting a $4,000 cheque from Petone Rotary President Pam Hanna to go toward a Patrol Vehicle.

With more work from Patrol Members and several donations from local businesses, the Petone Community Patrol purchased a Mazda Tribute in February 2012.  

The Patrol has had immediate success in securing properties that have had doors and gates left unlocked or open, on a number of occasions have been first on the scene where burglar alarms have been "tripped" and have deterred would-be thieves or stopped suspicious activities merely by their presence, in several industrial locations.

The Patrol welcomes interested individuals to come along and see what it's all about and if you have a spare evening once every 6-8 weeks you'd be most welcome to join.

Contact the Patrol Coordinator for more information.