Community Awards

Community Paul Harris Awards

In communities around New Zealand, many people give selflessly of their time, knowledge and expertise with no expectation of "return."

The Rotary Club of Petone appreciates the significant contribution these people make and in recognition of their efforts, awards them Rotary's highest honour of a Community Paul Harris Fellow.

2014 - Ruth Mansell

Ruth’s interest in Petone community issues began in 1972 when she was teaching at Petone Central School. She, another teacher, and a few mothers regularly took the junior children exploring around Petone to visit local parents’ workplaces... Read the full Citation here.

2013 - Reg Cotter

The Chathams Island Taiko Trust have recently hosted Reg (2nd from right) and the other members of a team that were involved in finding and then tracking a previously-thought extinct Magenta Petrel/Taiko bird...  Read the full Citation here.

2013 - Kevin Goldsbury

Kevin has over thirty years of youth work and community work experience both as a volunteer and as a full-time practitioner. He has worked predominantly with ‘at risk’ Maori and Pacific Island youth and their families in Petone and the wider Hutt Valley....Read the full Citation here.